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Our Collections

Besides Automobiles, the British Transportation Museum has a mission to collect and preserve other related items.  This includes 15 bicycles, a large library of books, articles, memorabilia and many other related items.


We have over 15 bicycles of British origin.  The bicycle industry was the precursor to many motorcycle and automotive makers.   For example, Triumph started producing bicycles in 1889.  In 1902 they started producing motorcycles and then in 1921 they started producing automobiles.

Folding Bicycles:

1980    Bickerton Portable (#234)

1970’s Raleigh Twenty

1980’s Raleigh Twenty

1962    Moulton Stowaway

1980’  AM Moulton (qty. 2)



1969      Essex                                              

1970      Hercules (rod brake)   

1960’s   Humber Sport

1972      Raleigh Record

1982      Raleigh 10 spd (Olimpic?)                              

1960’s   Robin Hood      

1960’s   Royal Scot            

1960’s   Rudge

1960’s  Triumph



1970    Triumph Tricycle w/gas motor          

1960’s  Workman Tricycle (clone of Brit Tradesman)   



The BTM library consists of a number of books and articles.  They are available for browsing at the Museum and plans are to catalog this collection for use by the members.



The Museum has a number of artifacts from a NCR cash register to models of all scale.  These are on display throughout the Museum and work is planned to catalog and make these items more accessible

Major Artifacts:

¼  Scale MG TD

6/10 Scale 1965 Morgan

Austin 1300 Engine/Transmission Cutaway Display

1947 Morris Z Van Cutaway Display (on loan)  

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