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1967 Daimler Sovereign

The UK patent rights to the Gottleib Daimler's engine were purchased in 1893 by  Frederick Simms, who formed a new company, the "Daimler Motor Syndicate".  In 1896 Simms and Harry Lawson initiated car production in the city of Coventry as the "Daimler Motor Company".  Daimler is known as Britain's oldest marque.  The Daimler Sovereign, a more luxury version of teh Jaguar 420, was introduced in 1966.  The Soverign shares the same four door monocoque body shell of the Jaguar and utilizes a traditional Daimler fluted radiator grille.  It is equipped with all around independent coil spring suspension, disc brakes, and a version of the Jaguar MKX's 4235cc DOHC straight-six engine.  The Daimler Sovereign remained in production until 1969 by which time some 5,829 are thought to have been made.

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