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1959 Ford Consul Convertible


The Ford Consul was introduced in 1951 as the economy member of the Ford Zephyr range. The MKII Consul began production in 1956 and was very popular due to its simplicity, comfort, and design cues which resembled many American Fords at the time. Convertible versions of the Consul and Zephyr were coachbuilt by Carbodies, a company which went on to build the iconic London cab.

The Consul was advanced in the 1950s for its unibody construction and suspension design. It featured a MacPherson Strut front suspension and an anti-roll bar. Power came from a 1703 cc overhead valve 4-cylinder engine. Despite making only 59 bhp, the Consul could reach 60 in just over 23 seconds, which was plenty brisk considering that it had drum brakes at all four corners.

This Consul Convertible is a 1959 model. It has spent most of its life in Cleveland, where it was a single-family owned car until its donation to BTM. It is a survivor example that is highly original and has never been restored.

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