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1950 MG YA

1952 MG YA-1.jpg

Donated by; Thomas Poole of Columbus, OH

Built by the MB Car Company between 1947 and 1953, the Y-Type consisted of a MG YA saloon, MG YT Touring version, and a MG YB saloon.

This MG YA was built in 1950 and registered in 1951

The engine of the MG YA is a 1250 cc, 4 cylinder engine with a single SU Carburetor and develops 46 bhp at 4,800 rpm.


The Y-Type models were one of the first British production cars to utilize independent front suspension.


The MG YA models featured a "Jackall System".  Using four hydraulic jacks clamped to the chassis, a Jackall pump on the bulkhead allowed the front, back, or entire car to be jacked up to make tire changes uneventful.


By the time production of the Y-Type ceased, 8,336 had been made with 6,158 YAs, 877 YTs, and 1,301 YBs.

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