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1936 Austin 20 Mayfair Limousine

1936 Austin 20 1.jpg

Donated by; Bob Nied of Jacksonville, FL

Of the 1647 that were built, only 11 are known to still exist and this is the only one in the Americas. They were favored by many Royals and dignitaries for its better reliability over the Rolls Royce of the day. In addition to Mayfair, coachwork was also provided by Ranelagh.


  • Fold down “Dickie” seats for additional seating.

  • Side and rear blinds for passenger privacy.

  • One way intercom to give instructions to the chauffer.

  • “Jack All” onboard hydraulic jacking system for tire changes.  Poor tire quality and bad roads caused frequent tire changes.



  • 3400 cc inline, flathead, side valve 6 cyl of “23.5” hp,

  •  Zenith down draught carb, water cooled


  • Semi-elliptic leaf springs at all wheels.

  • Solid axles front and rear, cable operated brakes


  • Length - 16 ft. 4 in.       

  • Width - 5 ft. 10 in.

  • Weight - 4272 lbs.

Top Speed - 70 mph

Mileage – 16 mpg

This car is named "Monte" by his gracious donor for General Cecil Montgomery of WWII fame.  The standard Sedan has a wheelbase of 9.5 ft while the Limo is 11 ft.   An Austin 20 Hearse and a 1935 Austin 20 Mayfair were used in the movie "That's Your Funeral" in 1972.

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