COVID-19 and BTM Events/Visits


 BTM is open with health and safety restrictions on Mondays & Saturdays 10 AM till 3 PM  by appointment only.  Contact Pete Stroble 937-546-0039 for reservations.  We ask visitors respect social distancing and wear masks when dealing with BTM staff.  Some internal events such as restoration work on cars has resumed with COVID-19 health and safety restrictions and limited number of participants.  Contact Pete Stroble for details and check the Events section for updates.


Video by visitor of Tour and Walkthrough of BTM

On August 3rd, Pete Stroble gave a tour to a visitor who made a video (about 50 min) of his walk through and posted on YouTube.  Click here to take a look! 

Video by visitor of Tour and Walkthrough of BTM


Last Fall, Pete Stroble gave a tour to a visitor who made a video (about 50 min) of his walk through and posted on YouTube.  Click here to take a look! 

Go Restore Me - the '59 MGA Coupe

A gift was donated in memory of Reuben & Pat Wasserman for the Go Restore Me project for the '59 MG-A Coupe helping us toward our goal. We are always looking for volunteers and funding.  Check out the Go Restore ME page by clicking here.

BTM Cars and parts for Sale

The  British Transportation Museum has a number of cars (and parts) that are either duplicates or projects beyond the resources of the BTM to complete.  Sale proceeds will go to supporting the mission of the Museum.  Who knows?  You could find the British car of your dreams and help support the Museum at the same time. Click Here for changes and updates 

A number of cars have been sold to help the Museum.



The British Transportation Museum

The British Transportation Museum (BTM) is an all volunteer 501c3 non-profit charity located in Dayton, Ohio dedicated to preserving our British motoring heritage through education and vehicle preservation.

Our Mission

The British Transportation Museum is an educational institution established to collect, preserve, and interpret through exhibits the history of British built transportation vehicles utilized in the United States. The focus here is to foster learning, appreciation, insight and a useful understanding of the role of British transportation vehicles in American life. This involves the collection and preservation of vehicles, parts, photographs, memorabilia, books and any and all articles that illustrate British modes of transportation and presenting such items in an educational mode. The Museum reaches out to the community with historical programming, exhibits, classes, automotive events and other activities for all ages.

Company Overview

The British Transportation Museum is the operating arm of the Society for the Preservation of British Transportation in America, Inc.  The Society is a volunteer non-profit, 501(c)(3) educational charity with permanent tax exemption (EIN # 31-1653082).  BTM files an annual Federal form 990 detailing its revenues and expenses for the the year.  The latest 990 can be found here or on-line at www.Guidestar.org by searching for our "Society" name.


The BTM is currently renovating it's building that allowed it to pull its current collection of 40+ vehicles and 15+ bicycles together in the Dayton, Ohio area. The Museum has e a display area for British Transportation vehicles, memorabilia, library, and art gallery.  Conference rooms will allow for the sharing of technical, historical, and cultural knowledge to keep this heritage alive.



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